Cassandra Notes 1

Whhat I like about Cassandra:
1, no more dba…..
2, easy to install, compared with HBase
3, simple data model
What I think can be improved:
1, naming, for example, “Column” is not really a “column” in Ralational Database sense. It is more of a “CELL” to me. “Column Family” is more of “table”. And “super column”? Technically it is a “named list of columns”. I think “Super Column” can be used as a “row” or “nested table”
2, Not many tools or libraries to use. For example, I have to program below

TTransport transport = null;
transport = new TSocket(“localhost”, 9160);
TProtocol protocol = new TBinaryProtocol(transport);
Cassandra.Client client = new Cassandra.Client.Client(protocol);;
//do database stuff
This reminds me the early days of Java JDBC programming. I hope soon there be more support from the open source community, for example Spring.


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